Pump Your Kayak Pool comes with a 1 horsepower pump that pulls  water from the pool and strains small objects and particles before they reach the filter and chlorinator.

1900 pump

DANGER HAZARDOUS SUCTION. Pump suction can trap or tear body parts, especially with children. Do not block suction. Small children using pool MUST ALWAYS have close adult  supervision!
CAUTION DO NOT OPERATE SYSTEM with water temperatures above 110 degrees F (43 degrees C)
CAUTION NEVER RUN PUMP DRY. Running pump without water in it may damage seals, causing leakage and flooding. Fill pump with water through the hair and lint strainer lid before starting the pump.
WARNING DO NOT ADD CHEMICALS to pool directly in the pool skimmer. Adding undiluted chemicals may damage pump and void  warranty.


Diagram of Pump

1900 diagram pump