Kayak Pools Features

KAYAK® Pools are designed with a Camer Bar Skeleton offering support like a suspension bridge. By exerting equal stress simultaneously on every side, this subtly-flexed rectangle neutralizes hydraulic forces that can burst circular walls. By design, your Kayak® Pool is guaranteed against the hazard of catastrophic structural failure. We build in quality from the bottom up.
Before the walls go up, Kayak lays down 4.75" wide one-piece bottom channels of the strongest grade of extruded aluminum used in pool construction today!
Kayak® Pools have braces every two feet on center with baked-on enamel finish, are electro statically bonded, and have stainless steel hardware.
Dual Filtration System Means Less Work For You
Kayak® Pools bottom main drain constantly filters out sediment, so there is no need to vacuum on a daily basis to keep your water gleaming.
The filter element loads dirt 10 to 15 times greater than sand filters of equal size found in other aboveground pools.
Other benefits:
  • Since backwashing is eliminated, you save on the cost of water and chemicals.
  • A quiet & efficient pump with large capacity strainer and see-thru lid.
  • Corrosion resistant construction for longer service life.
  • High performance pump - up to 3,500 gallons of water every hour.
  • Self-priming feature prevents motor & pump burnout.
Water Walls
Kayak® Pools has designed the perfect wall for aboveground pool construction. Water Walls are impervious to wood destroying weather, water and insect infestation, with recent advances in materials technology, your Kayak® is rust-free, rot-free, maintenance-free forever.
Worry-free patio decks & walkways: Interlocking panels of extruded aluminum are shielded by electro-statically bonded, slip resistant paint, then tied into the walls and fencing. They will never rot or crack. Only state-of-the-art quality materials are used in this and all phases of construction.
Unique Top Channel
Not all aboveground swimming pools are created equal!
Kayak® Pool's years of research and development enabled us to create a way to eliminate structural problems that cause ordinary pools to collapse.
Our exclusive extruded aluminum top channel runs the full length & width of the pool, then ties into the deck, walls, and wall studs. Because our top channel interlock is one piece constuction, the possibility of separation due to water pressure is eliminated.
Kayak's top channel incorporates a liner receiver which ties in the deck, walls and wall studs.
Pool Fencing
Kayak® fencing is designed with children in mind. With railings 36 inches in height, and pickets spaced only 4 inches apart, the pool's "extruded aluminum" perimeter fence provides advanced protection for your children and entire family.
Heavy Duty Liner
Kayak® Pools warranties this heavy-duty beaded vinyl liner for 30 years. For extended staying power it is 25 mil thick packed with UV inhibitors and fabricated with supersmooth, snag-free extended lap seams.
Safety Ladders
Stainless Steel Ladder for sure-footed entry and exit. It'll never let you down! Rugged roomy profile has wide treads positioned for safe and comfortable climbing. You have to do absolutely nothing to maintain its polished good looks.
Swing-Up Safety Ladder locks out intruders. We make it easy for you to protect fearless children with controlled access to the pool. This ladder can handle the traffic--safely and securely, season after season. It's the perfect safety ladder.  
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