Vacuuming your pool

How to Vacuum your Pool
Your Pool Vacuum works very much like a household vacuum, a  uses  water  instead  of  air.  For  this  reason,  care  must  be  taken  not  to  let  air  get  in  the  system  as  this  would  weaken  or  halt  the  suction.  
1  Clean  the  Pump  Strainer,  Filter  Cartridge,  and  the  Skimmer  basket.  
(see  previous  instructions)  
2  Gather  the  necessary  materials:  Vacuum  head,  Vacuum  pole,  
Vacuum  hose,  Skim  vac  attachment.  
3  Attach  the  vacuum  head  to  the  vacuum  pole.  
4  Attach  the  vacuum  hose  to  the  vacuum  head  
5  Turn  off  the  Pump.  
6  Put  the  ball  valve  in  the  “skimmer  only  position”  
7  Remove  the  door  from  Skimmer.  
8  Place  Skim  vac  attachment  in  the  skimmer  over  the  basket  
9  Turn  on  the  Pump.  
10  Submerge  the  vacuum  head  under  the  water  and  fill  the  hose  by  
placing  the  open  end  of  the  hose  in  front  of  the  water  return  valve.  
11  When  all  the  air  is  out  of  the  hose,  attach  the  end  to  the  skim  vac  
attachment,  keeping  the  hose  underwater  so  you  don’t  let  any  air  
into  the  hose.  The  vacuum  is  now  primed  and  ready  to  clean.  
12  Press  down  firmly  as  you  vacuum  and  move  the  head  slowly  
across  the  bottom.    
NOTE  –  While  it  may  seem  that  vacuuming  at  a  fast  pace  appears  
to  do  the  job  equally  well,  this  actually  creates  waves  which  will  
lift  dirt  up  and  suspend  it  in  the  water.  This  dirt  will  eventually  
settle  back  down  to  the  bottom.    
•  If  the  pool  is  very  dirty  and  suction  seems  to  decrease  after  
vacuuming  for  a  while,  it  could  be  a  sign  that  the  filter  needs  
cleaning  again  
14  After  vacuuming  is  completed,  turn  off  Pump  and  remove  skim  
vac  attachment  from  skimmer.  Replace  skimmer  door.  
DO  NOT  pull  the  skim  vac  out  of  the  skimmer  
with  the  pump  turned  on,  this  will  cause  damage  to  the  skimmer.  
15  Clean  the  Pump  Strainer  and  the  Skimmer  basket  again.
16  Put  the  ball  valve  in  the  “Bottom  Drain  only  position”  
17  Turn  on  the  Pump.  
18  Let  the  pool  run  on  bottom  drain  only  for  a  few  hours  before  returning  it  to  the  “open  position”