Atmospheric Release Valve

About the Atmospheric Release Valve (ARV)
The ARV is a safety feature that prevents continuous suction from the bottom drain of your Kayak when it is blocked* As water is sucked from the bottom drain, it flows directly through the ARV before going to the filter. If the bottom drain is blocked, water stops flowing into the ARV, and it draws in air from the vertical safety pipe which is sent to the pump.  When air is drawn  into the pump, it automatically shuts off. This stops the suction from the bottom drain, releasing whatever was blocking the bottom drain within fractions of a second.

Amospheric image

*Note: Your skimmer and bottom drain hoses may be opposite of what is shown on these diagrams depending on the actual location of your pump. Check your pool to see which sides they are on.

*On pools with dual bottom drains, when one is blocked the other will take over. The ARV will become effective when both drains are  blocked.
NOTICE - The ARV valve will break and crack if the winterization process is not completed before the winter months (See ‘How to Close your Pool, page 33).  The ARV is not designed for exposure to winter  elements.

Skimmer image